Thursday, November 29, 2007

Liv & Elliott

A couple weekends ago we got together with Josh & Cassi to shoot some pictures for their Christmas card. They brought their little dog Elliott. We thought it would be fun to introduce him to Liv. I think he was a little more excited than she was. Check out that tongue! Don't worry, we didn't let him lick her! Yuck!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Real Clothes...

I've had to get Liv some warmer clothes as the weather's gotten cooler (although today it's going to be 90 - yuck). I think Liv looks so much older in these than in the little onesies she spent the first 2 months of her life in. I love these little jeans, even if they are still a little big!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Balboa Island

Kurt got off work a bit early yesterday (a rare treat!) so we went down to walk around Balboa island. Liv got a little sick of being in the stroller and it was pretty chilly so Kurt made an impromptu baby carrier with his jacket. Liv loves looking around so she was content to be snuggled up with her daddy and checking out the beautiful bay!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Two months!!

Liv is two months old! I can't believe it and I already find myself realizing why parents always say that they grow up so fast! She is now 11 lbs 10 oz (almost 3 lbs heavier than when she was born) and she's grown 3 inches too. Kurt and I keep asking her how she got so big. She did so well at her check up. We are going to the pediatrician both Kurt and I went to when we were little. We didn't know each other then but we could have been sitting in the waiting room together - crazy!


Meghan and I decided to try to find a pumpkin patch to take some pictures of Liv & Wallace. We couldn't find one anywhere but we did find these gourds at Roger's Gardens! It must have been a little uncomfortable but neither one made a peep!

That night we joined some other friends at Meg & Rian's house to hang out, bbq and watch some old (embarrassing and hilarious) videos. Liv didn't have a costume but her Little Pumpkin onesie did the trick. Wallace was adorable in his little cow outift - check out those dimples! Liv doesn't smile on demand quite yet... we're working on it!

The three of us... seems like one of us is always the one taking the picture so it's nice to have one of us all together!