Monday, December 15, 2008

Major catch-up

I've been a slacker. Yes, I know. So, here's a bunch of pictures from the last month and a half!

Liv thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Halloween candy... the wrappers made crinkly noises so who wouldn't? :) We didn't have a single trick-or-treater so all that candy went to work with Kurt the next day!

Our view of the smoke from the Yorba Linda fires. We used to live right there. Crazy! You can also see that our little neighborhood is now complete. I am so thankful for the peace and quiet after months and months of construction!

My friend Lara is expecting twin boys in January! We had a shower for her here in November and unfortunately I didn't take many great pictures! She's going to put this & sign on the wall in between their two cribs... so cute!

I attempted to copy Sprinkles with the little fondant circle on top of my cupcakes. They were pretty cute but Sprinkles' taste a whole lot better!

Loungey girl!

Love those big blue eyes and check out those eyelashes!

Cat was here from Ohio so we had a Monday Night Girls get together with our boys! I love these girls!

Eilee came over to play and once again she pushed Liv around! One of these days Eilee is going to realize she's getting the short end of the stick but for now they both enjoy it! Eilee loved wearing Liv's sunglasses!

I'm so glad these two are friends.

We got our tree the day after Thanksgiving and this year is so different than last! Liv wanted to help Daddy make sure the tree was straight in the stand! She loves the tree and goes over to it every morning to smell it and give it a little pat-pat. :)

Blurry pic but cute anyway. My mom gave her this shirt and it couldn't be more appropriate!

My friend Tanya got a new job in Washington DC and they moved out there a couple weeks ago. :( Before they left we had a fun girls night out!

We went to Koji's for some shabu shabu for my brother's birthday last week. Liv had a ball with the VERY sticky rice!

Michael & Pam. They find out what they're having on Pam's birthday, December 29! I can't wait to know if I'm getting a niece or a nephew!

Liv & Wallace had a blast on the little train in Crystal Court. They smiled and clapped and waved the whole time!

So... there you go. Mom, are you happy? ;) I'll post more soon!