Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Alissa is in town and that is the best reason for a girls' night out! We started in with a little hang out time with her girls. We finally got to meet the beautiful Amelia Paige who is already 3.5 months old! Of course I didn't take a great picture of her... I will try to do that tomorrow! Here's Liss with Liv and her daughter Kate who is SO grown up now (at 2.5!)and just a delightful, spunky girl!

Liv is fascinated by older kids right now. She loves watching them play and run and she squeals with delight at their antics. Kate was so excited to share her toys (and ballet moves!)with Liv and instructed her not to eat the little doll she gave her! :) It was adorable to watch them "play" together and I wish we could have regular play dates with these dear friends! It won't be long before Liv is running around with Kate!

The seven of us enjoyed a great dinner at Javier's at the Spectrum. Yum!! I love these girls and am so blessed to have this incredible group of friends!

Coldplay Single Review

Coldplay has a new album coming out soon but they released a single this week. You can download it free from their website. Here's Liv Hilmerson's exclusive review for your viewing pleasure:

That's two emphatic arms up! :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our little artist

Liv is very resourceful when it comes to finding media for her art projects. Today it was a little breakfast... previously ingested and partially digested.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The end of an era...

This past week we said goodbye to something that was somewhat of an icon around here... Liv's SwaddleMe. Liv happened to be one of those babies that had a lot of trouble sleeping without being wrapped up nice and tight. We called it a "Liv burrito" but many of our friends called it her straight jacket. Call it whatever you want but we called it a good night's sleep. For the past 7.5 months Liv slept in her swaddle - arms straight at her sides except when she managed to escape and pop an arm or two out. The past month she had been "escaping" more often than not and waking up each time so we decided it was time to banish the swaddle. Liv has adjusted to sleeping "in the wild" so well! She loves being on her tummy and we are so glad to not have midnight re-swaddle-me sessions anymore! Plus, I think she's pretty darn cute with her little bum sticking up a bit! (And yes, we have lowered the crib since this picture was taken!)

Friday, April 18, 2008


I got our electric bill today from Southern California Edison. Our new place has solar panels and last month our bill was $14 which is pretty good for a 2000 sf house. We usually paid $35-$40 (except when we ran the air) at our place in Fullerton that was 400 sf smaller. Anyway, I logged onto SCE today and our new bill is $0.91. Yes, you read that right, NINETY-ONE CENTS! Wow.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Liv loves to swim!

A few weeks ago I took Liv swimming at the Wallace's. She loved it although she wanted to drink the water.

This past weekend we went to the pool at our old place in Yorba Linda. Kurt got to see how much she loves the water!

And here she is "laying out." :)

Saturday Morning Snuggle

I love Saturdays because they are the only days all three of us get to be lazy and enjoy some snuggle time together before starting on the weekend's activities. Liv rarely lays still very long but this past weekend she was quiet for a few minutes with Kurt.

And the three of us had a few peaceful moments together too... quickly followed by lots of shrieking, laughing, airplane playing and whatnot. I love this stage (and how red Liv's hair looks at times!!)