Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy birthday Jude!!

Wow. I cannot believe you are 1 already. This year has been so fast and so full! I was a little disappointed when I found out you were a boy... I only knew "girl" and felt like I was getting the hang of it. But man, I would be missing out on SO much if you had been a girl. I am so thankful to have you, my sweet smiley Jude!
You make everyone smile - me, Daddy, Liv, other kids, every lady in the grocery store, the electrician, friends at Liv's dance class, your grandmas, the checkers at Trader Joe's... literally everyone!
You are laid back and easy going, content to take in the scene and enjoy life as it comes at you. You LOVE your sister. She makes you laugh and is so protective of you. You like to chase her with your funny little army crawl - I keep telling her that someday you will catch her! You love to lay on her bed with her while I sing before naptime... she loves it too! You look for her when she's not around and I love that you two are already great buddies!
You LOVE your Daddy! When he calls and you hear his voice you do the funniest high pitched/almost silent squeal and start flapping your arms. You watch everything he does and love being with him. He adores you too.
You are a great snuggler! You burrow into my neck or chest and get as close as you possibly can. You pat the arm or back or leg of whoever is holding you in a sweet "I really like you" kind of way.
You love Row, Row, Row Your Boat (with the two of us rowing back and forth!) and Trot Little Pony. You especially love when I flip you upside down at the end.
You love the swings, wind in your face, putting food in your hair, bathtime, being tickled, music of any sort (you have impeccable rhythm!), zippers, buckles, straps, strings and food of any sort.
You have the Hilmerson ability of being able to raise one eyebrow and you do it a lot - at the perfect times!
You can be a little impatient when it comes to food - if you're in the high chair, you are very vocal about asking where the food is! I love the way you spit your plug out after a nap when I'm about to give you a bottle.
You are a great sleeper - 11+ hours at night and two good naps during the day. We just gave you a little elephant to sleep with and you were in your crib singing to her the first night. :)
You have a funny sense of humor and laugh at your mama all the time (thanks for that!) :)
You say dada a lot but not really about or to anyone in particular. You also hoot a lot - "hoo, hoo" - you are our little owl.
You are crawling (mostly army, but you started on all 4s yesterday) and you are fast!
You look like both of your grandpas. I wish they could both know you as you grow up.
You have a twinkle in your eye and scrunch up your nose when you smile.

I love you Jude. I am so happy to be your mama. I wish I could keep you little and snuggly forever but I am looking forward to all the new things this next year will bring!