Thursday, June 12, 2008

the latest

a few random happenings:

Liv LOVES being in her highchair... probably because she equates that with eating, which she also loves! :) Here she is making a complete mess with a teething biscuit. Why I didn't have a bib on her is beyond me!

This is what Liv looks like when she decides not to take a nap and to hang out in a pile of laundry.

One of Liv's new tricks is pointing. She started doing this in New York - probably because there were so many interesting things to look and point at! She loves pointing to trees, lights on the ceiling, food, other kids and a billion other things. She's also kind of saying "that" although it's more like "dat" and it's super random but we can pretend she's incredibly gifted, right?

Yes, that is a bow you see in Liv's hair! Her little patch on top is finally long enough and thick enough to support a little clippy! Of course she does love to pull them out and gnaw on them!

Last, but not least.... we have graduated to the bathtub! Liv had her first full-on real bathtub bath last night and I'm pretty sure she was mad at us for holding out on her! She loves water and had a blast kicking and splashing and chasing her duckies around! She and I went swimming the other night at Erin's and she was shrieking with delight and probably would have stayed in far longer than we did. I think we have a little swimmer on our hands!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tall & skinny

I am pretty much resigned to the fact that I will never be tall and skinny. Definitely won't ever be tall and we'll see about the skinny... My daughter, however, just may be both. At least she is right now. Who would have ever guessed that Kurt and I would have a tall kid? The doctor has told me that she is tall and skinny at her last two check-ups. Let's hope this lasts so she doesn't have to know the world of too long pants & shirt sleeves & needing a step stool to reach the second shelf of her cupboards!

Unfortunately, according to this equation for genetic potential height, she doesn't have much hope!

(Dad's height - 5 inches) + Mom's height = Daughter's genetic growth potential

(5'8" - 5") + 5'3" = 5'3" = my height!

Oh well. I hope she's enjoying it while she has it! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is my problem?

I know I haven't blogged about our New York trip but I am working on it and it was a wonderful vacation. Right now I am trying to find a rug. When we were in New York I made a point to go to a few of the cool design stores to try to find something that would fit with our new couches... something fun, modern, different. Well, I found the PERFECT rug! We were meandering through one of my favorite sections of Soho and found a store called The Rug Company (original, I know!) We popped in and the super nice sales guy went through this huge pile of rugs with us and then we saw it.... THE rug. (It would look way better on my dark bamboo floors with my charcoal gray couches... in my opinion, of course!)

It's fun, different, modern AND it has both green and orange in it! (I've been trying to make my mind up about which one to have as my accent color downstairs.) Awesome! And, when we asked if they shipped, they told us they had a store in LA. Even more awesome! The super helpful sales guy wrote down the info for me and then I asked about the price. Ummmmm... yeah. He said it was one of their less expensive rugs because it didn't have any silk in it. Cool... I usually have a knack for picking out the most expensive thing in a store. Seriously, take me to a 99 cent store and I will probably find the one thing that is $1.50. Anyway, the price. $5700. Yeah... for a rug. Needless to say we won't be buying that rug. Not with our budget, and definitely not with a little girl who likes to spit-up.

So, I'm still looking for a rug. What do you think about these:

They are all significantly cheaper than my New York find, but I just can't make up my mind. Am I the only person out there who obsesses about a rug? Probably. If you have an opinion about the rugs, let me know!